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Always and Still selling donated vehicles to the general public!


Please enjoy our new website! We hope you find this a more useful tool for research and preview of your next purchase. We have a  BI- weekly auction sale environment that still proves to provide the bidder with the opportunity to have more control on their pricing as you vigorously bid for the bargains.

Also please understand that all the vehicles are sold on behalf of the owners(95% OF WHICH IS NON-PROFITS) and there is an expected minimum amount that must be met to ensure a continuous and vibrant market with a ample source of inventory. ( Nobody wants to sell their item for nothing! ) Most items are to be sold without reserve, to the highest bidder, and will be announced as such. All other items are to be considered with reserve, you must bid to buy.


Absentee Bidding
All items YOU may also bid on by securing an Absentee bid via email, and online when viewing the pictures, the sidebar button marked Place Absentee Bid please ask on details. You will need to register for bid number and may have to leave a deposit in a voucher form or cash to show good faith intentions.
We will bid on your behalf as your Proxy and will go up to the set maximum amount that you place, in most cases you may Win the Bid for even less than your absentee bid, all from the comfort of your home or church.



No children under the age of 14 is NOT allowed in or beyond the preview areas they must stay within the gates and with parental/guardian at all time, as the Auction is operating. They are encouraged to attend the auction. 


Terms and Conditions

These terms are absolute and cannot be altered or changed in any way. If you cannot follow these terms completely, we ask you NOT TO BID OR ACCEPT A BIDDERS CARD. If you do not understand any of these conditions, please ask the auctioneer before bidding. Once you have been recognized and awarded as the winning bidder, you have entered into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT, and must follow through with all purchases made, completely. No transfer of property is recognized from bidder to bidder. All persons taking legal ownership of said property must register to bid prior to bidding on an item. You must be 18 years of age to register as a bidder. You must have a Valid Drivers License or State Identification to Title Transfer and Register a vehicle. 

No Guarantee - Everything is Sold AS IS, Where is Without Guarantee or warranty of any kind, regardless of any statements made by any persons in or at the sale. Use your preview period to inspect any and all property you may bid on and accept your purchase with all its faults and flaws. Other than delivery of title and bill of sale, neither auctioneers nor others make or imply any warranty of any kind.

Payments and Deposits- All purchases require a deposit be placed immediately after the fall of gavel or when Auctioneer says SOLD and calls your Bidder number. This will ensure the car is sold to you and holds it thru checkout time till Tues 5pm. 

BID AMOUNT                      DEPOSITS

$0 - $999.00                         $100

$1000.00 - $1999.00            $250

$2000 & UP                          $500     

Pacific- All purchases must be Paid In Full by Tuesday, 5 pm following the auction. Checkout times are after sale of runners on sale day till 5 p.m. and also Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Final cash out and removal must be finished by Tuesday 5 p.m. or purchases will be forfeited resulting in a breech of contract.

Yard Rules - All non-runners must be removed off property prior to any repairs. No tools allowed on property, No hands under hoods, No jump boxes in the non-runner section. No moving of vehicles during preview and sale times. Any violations are grounds for ejection from yards and punishable by law in accordance with insurance regulations and state liability codes. Absolutely no dogs on the property per rules of board of health.

Methods of Payment - We accept Cash, Visa, and MasterCard.  We do not accept personal or business checks of any kind.

Credit/Debit Cards - Visa & Mastercard Accepted only with Chip. Must provide two forms of identification at the time of purchase.

Bidding Increments - The auctioneer always has the right to refuse any and all bids. He also has the right to set the bidding increments and lot or re-lot item prior to fall of the gavel, regardless of type of auction being conducted. It is customary for the Auctioneer to start the bid at half the value an proceed with 250 and 100 dollar increments then between final bidders in 100 or 50 dollar increments, don't forget the grinding last fight to win where 25 and 12.50 increments are used to the gavel falls.

Hold Harmless - The buyers hereby indemnify and hold harmless the auctioneer and/or clients, also to include any other parties in the company for damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type. Buyers remove purchases at their own risk.

Title Transfer- All who Registers and obtains a Bid card, at the time of Title Transfer, the vehicle will be Transferred ONLY to whom is Registered. (i.e. Name, Address on Receipt!) Make sure its updated!

Responsibility and Title - Buyers are responsible for their purchase after the gavel falls. You must guard your purchase accordingly. The auctioneer is an agent under contract for the property being sold. Absolutely no adjustments, claims or refunds will be allowed after final settlement. Any claims must be made at the block at the time of sale. You must be 18 years of age to register a vehicle in your name. You must have a Valid Driver License or State Identification to title transfer a vehicle.

Taxes and Fees - This sale has a 12% buyer’s premium in effectWe also collect sales tax (currently 10.3 % in Pacific, WA). Title transfer, Tabs and license Plate Base Fee of $137.50-$187.50 for each vehicle, and a $75.00 Documentation Fee per VEHICLE. There are additional licensing fees that you will be responsible for based on the vehicle and where you live.


Sample Breakdown off Bidders Fees and Responsibility

Price (Varies)                            $1000                      Charity/Consignor

Buyers Premium (12%)            $120                         Auction House

Documentation Fee                  $75                          State Mandates

Sales Tax (10.3%)                    $123.09                   State of WA

Title Transfer ($137.50-$167.50)     $137.50            Dept. of License

(Depends on GVWT of car)

RTA ($0-$300+)                        $10                          Dept. of License

Total Due                               $1465.59    


$2000 bid price:


Price (Varies)                           $2000                   Charity/Consignor


Buyers Premium (12%)           $240                    Auction House

Documentation Fee                 $75                      State Mandates

Sales Tax (10.3%)                   $238.45              State of WA

Title Transfer ($137.50-$187.50)      $157.50     Dept. of License

(Depends on GVWT of car)

RTA ($0-$300+)                         $28                    Dept. of License

Total Due                                 $2739.55    


Any additional Licensing fees for tabs and plates are extra.

Announcements - Any announcements on the day of auction shall take precedence over any other previously advertised or stated conditions. Listen to the announcements. Other information or terms during the course of the auction may relate to specific items or removal.


At Whitey's Auction there are vehicles sold to the highest bidder!


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we are so happy to buy a car from someplace like this. what you see is what you get, they don't hide anything. all your paperwork gets done there and complete. it is so easy and fun, thanks whiteys.


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